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Black Black teas are more oxidized than oolong, green, and white teas. Black tea is normally stronger in flavour than less oxidized teas. Black teas are ideal for iced teas.
$6.80 CAD $8.00
Buckingham Palace Garden Party

Flavoury with medium body. Delicate Earl Grey and Jasmine notes. Bright with a touch of golden coppery colour. Perfect for afternoon settings.

$8.00 CAD $9.00
Cream Earl Grey

This Earl Grey is characteristically creamy in taste. First rate finish. Drink with pleasure all day long.

$9.00 CAD
High Antiox Earl Grey

This tea ranks higher than an Earl thanks to a full-bodied black blend with all natural bergamot.

$13.50 CAD $15.00
Lingia Orange Pekoe (STGFOP)

This grade of Orange Pekoe is extremely rare with a delicate and refined muscatel character.


$8.00 CAD
London Blossom Festival

Round cup with good flowery and malty flavour. Hints of strawberry and lemon make this a perfect afternoon tea.

$9.00 CAD
Malawi Black Natural Dryer Mouth

Mild cup exhibits a sweetish nose. Malty character comes to the fore leading to a medium clean finish. Well rounded.

$9.00 CAD
Moroccan Mint

Malty and flavoury with some strength. Cool accent of peppermint.

$9.00 CAD
Organic Assam (FBOP)

Full bodied Orange Pekoe, lovely balanced astringency with jammy hints of malt and toast. A good stout Assam.

$6.75 CAD $9.00
Organic Canadian Breakfast

Malty and full-bodied with hints of floral flavor and a touch of oakiness. Bright golden cup. A superb tea to savor any time of the day.

$9.00 CAD
Organic Ceylon (Pekoe)

A classic Ceylon tea. Light liquoring with hints of delicate floral notes. Afternoon tea just got "classier".

$12.00 CAD
Organic Darjeeling (TGFOP)

Tippy leaf signifies good manufacturing. Its flavory muscatel character will not disappoint the discerning Darjeeling drinker.

$9.00 CAD
Organic Earl Grey

Remarkable bergamot aroma, inviting and rejuvinating.

$8.00 CAD
Organic English Breakfast

A perfect breakfast tea with body and full flavor.

$13.00 CAD
Organic Imperial Keemun Mao Feng

Crisp and lively with flavorful burgundy notes. Delicious hints of oak with a golden red cup.

$9.00 CAD
Organic Irish Breakfast

A stout and robust blend of February Tanzanian and June 2nd flush Assam. Superb colour and full bodied. Drink with pleasure all day long.

$6.75 CAD $9.00
Organic Ontario Breakfast

A perfect breakfast tea with burgundy depth and malt highlights. Bold and robust with a bright golden cup.

$9.00 CAD
Organic Russian Lore

Full flavored with distinct notes of pine and hickory smoke.

$9.00 CAD
Organic Tanzania

A full-bodied malty character with some fruity hints. Takes milk very well.

$8.00 CAD $9.00
Rose Congou Emperor

This tea is layered 5 times with rose petals, which give the tea a delicate and ethereal rose character.

$18.00 CAD
Wuyi Dynasty

Grown in the upper reaches of the Wuyi mountains. A flavory full bodied tea with an exotic character tea tasters describe as 'mouth-feel'.