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Herbal teas are typically made from the infusion of herbs, spices, fruits and other plants in hot water. They usually do not contain caffeine, can be served hot or cold, and are associated with wonderful aromas and infusions that delight the senses.

Makes you want to dance. Light tart fruity mint opens your palate, floral and fruit follow and finishes with piquant ginger. Life goodness in a cup.

$11.44 CAD
Ayurvedic Swing

Bold, bright berry flavor with soothing strawberry and blackberry highlights.

$11.44 CAD
Berry Cheer

Infuse a just a few flowers to produce the most amazing blue colored tea.  Add a touch of lemon or lime and it becomes purple.

$19.00 CAD
Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers

Light and flavourful lemon character tempered with spring fresh hints of apple and camomile. Very refreshing!

$11.00 CAD
Camomile Lemongrass

A hint of caramel gives this herbal fruit tea a sweet, almost candy-like flavor.

$10.30 CAD
Candy Dish

Notes of Ashwaganda root delicately balanced with cranberry and elderflowers. Opens with wild cherry.

$11.00 CAD
Cherry Breeze

Beguiling notes of sweet orange at the fore with a light pineapple background. Serve it cold is like having summer in a glass.

$11.00 CAD
Citrus Grove Promenade

Full flavored and pungent with a rich fruity character. Add a cinnamon stick or a few cloves for an exotic mulled spice tea.

$11.00 CAD
Cranberry Apple Parade

Mild and lightly herbaceous, dandelion leaf tea boasts incredible health benefits, including liver detox, weight loss, healthy skin and stomach aid.

$11.44 CAD
Dandelion Leaves - Fine Cut

Detox,cleanse, and refresh your body and soul. Pleasant tending fruity cup with a delicious ginger finish.

$11.00 CAD
Detox, Cleanse & Refresh

A mix of herbs and flowers offers just the relief your gastrointestinal system needs

$10.40 CAD
Digestive Blue

Very aromatic with a fruity tending floral flavor.

$11.00 CAD
Egyptian Camomile

Finely cut and very aromatic with a fruity tending floral flavor.

$10.50 CAD
Fine Cut Organic Camomile

Excellent clean ginger notes with a refreshing ginger hot finish. Clean lingering character.

$12.58 CAD
Ginger Dare

If you've got a headache or just need something to help you gather your thoughts, this tea will help you to relax.

$10.50 CAD
Head Harmony

Tumeric and cardamom come together to provide you fantastic joint and arthritis relief with anti-inflamatory properties.

$11.44 CAD
Head To Toes (Arthritis)

A lovely deep red infusion similar to grenadine with a taste close to lemonade.

$10.50 CAD
Hibiscus Meadow

Immunity booster. Berry flavor boost enhanced by the fruity notes of rooibos.

$10.50 CAD
Immunity Berry Defense

Mild with slight pungent and a distinctive floral perfume character.

$11.44 CAD
Lavender Fields

Bold with full berry flavour. Soft underlying creamy notes belie a tart character.

$11.00 CAD
Organic Berry Bust

Without a doubt the most lemony and ‘puckery’ lemon peel available. Clean and refreshing finish.

$10.50 CAD
Organic Giza Ground Lemon Peel

Very lemony. Refreshing and cleansing with an extraordinary sweet finish. Excellent!

$10.50 CAD
Organic Lemongrass

Pungent, cool, fresh, menthol.

$12.00 CAD
Organic Peppermint Willamette

Light floral notes and pleasant lingering finish.

$10.30 CAD
Rose Garden

A pungent cool fresh taste that takes your breath away.

$10.50 CAD
Spearmint Daddy

Soft camomile and sweet apple notes, tempered with light mint. A soothing medley of flavors.

$10.50 CAD
Sweet Dreaming

Lightly sweet peppery with notes of citrus licorice. Good anytime.

$11.44 CAD
Zesty Tulsi